Woman Kicked Off For Too Much Cleavage From Flight

Brenda, who hails from South Florida, claims she was booted from a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fart Lauderdale because flight attendants deemed her clothes to be ‘too risque’.

The on-board crew also accused her of being drunk, even going as far as to claim that she was ‘loud and belligerent’.

After she denied being drunk, Brenda claims a flight attendant told her to cover up, telling her that her cleavage was showing too much.

Choosing not to reveal her surname, Brenda told the INSIDE edition, “I feel awful. I can’t sleep. It is really affecting me, actually.”

One other passenger decided to take a photo of what Brenda was wearing, to help prove that it definitely wasn’t ‘too much’.

Kicked Off For Too Much Cleavage

Brenda claims that the flight attendants were simply looking for an excuse to kick her off the flight, and that they made up the story of her being ‘intoxicated’ and ‘unruly’.

Fellow passengers seem to be in support of her story. In particular, Cathy Supp, her travel companion who was also kicked off, said, “The way they treated her was terrible’.

Kicked Off For Too Much Cleavage

Bob Kowaleski, another Spirit passenger, also wrote about how staff ’embarrassed the young girl’ and how ‘she didn’t appear any more out of bounds than anyone else on flight’.

He added that the staff treated her like a ‘street walker, even though Kowaleski himself saw ‘no potential problem with her.’

Spirit Airlines, however, seem to insist on telling a rather different version of events.

Kicked Off For Too Much Cleavage

Airline has since released a statement saying, “The woman’s cleavage played absolutely no role in her removal.” before adding that, “The woman was removed because she was intoxicated and other passengers complained about her behavior.”

The airline has also since denied the accusations of her being kicked off to make room for one other crew member.