Wild Orangutan Slaps Guy Trying To Take a Selfie With It

Nature is and will always be indifferent and unforgiving, regardless of how cute it may look outside.

Take for example, this wild orangutan who gave a camera-wielding tourist a b*tch slap after he tries to put with it for what we assume would’ve been a new profile photo for his social media accounts.

Wild Orangutan Slaps GuyBackpacking YouTubers RailGod recently uploaded a video of their group sailing down Sekonyer River in the Borneo Jungle when they came across an orangutan hanging around in a tree. The primate was apparently relaxed enough to come onboard their boat and share some snacks with them.

As affable as it may have looked like, though, the “friendly” orangutan (at around 11:50) seemed camera shy and slapped one of the guys across the face as he was trying to catch a quick selfie.

The whole boat burst out laughing as a result, while the orangutan remained calm and cool.

Here’s the video below:

That orangutan certainly was not amused by the man’s tech-savvy behavior.