What Your Thanksgiving Dish Says About You

Thanksgiving – the time for family, friends, football and Autumn décor. Oh, and the ever so present judgment of each loaded, or unloaded, dish around you.


Do you section off your meal like cubicles in an office? Do you mash it all together and pour a fountain of gravy over all of the Thanksgiving goodness? How you plate your Thanksgiving meal says more about you than you may know.

The Leaning Tower

You piled up the turkey on top of the stuffing, on top of the mashed potatoes, on top of the green beans. You are a natural analyst and are constantly trying to dive into people’s inner thoughts. You are the “judgment free zone,” where everyone feels comfortable expressing his or her weirdest thoughts to you.

The OCD Plate

You have your meal sectioned off by size, color, and odor. You would consider yourself the “normal” one of your group of friends. Everything you do is predictable, and that is just fine. Your life is in order and there is no sign of chaos in your future.

The Color Wheel

Your plate looks like a tie-dye masterpiece. Nothing about order excites you. You are used to living on the edge and enjoy the thrill of spontaneity. You long for weekend getaways with friends so you can relive your early twenty’s music festival phase and channel your inner hippie.

From Dark to Light

Your plate looks like a shading template. You have your DVD and CD collections in alphabetical order and you prefer order to chaos. “Last minute” is not in your vocabulary – you have set times, schedules, and itineraries to get you through each week, and you love it.

No Carb

You have absolutely no carbs on your plate, and if you do, they are fairly limited. You are the original hipster. You refuse to be a part of the norm and absolutely hate anything mainstream. What’s the hype over the Thanksgiving Day Parade, anyway? You can’t see anything other than on TV.

One Carb Too Many

You loaded up on stuffing, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, and tons of gravy. Everyone at the table and in your private life loves you. You’re the outgoing one of your group, and you hardly ever bite your tongue. You use a great meal as an excuse to invite over all of your closest friends to catch up.

Barely There

You have one dinner roll and two green beans on your plate. You’re trying super hard to be the conservative one at the dinner table, but we all know what is coming. You will be standing at the fridge door at 12AM binge eating until you explode.