This Taylor Swift Lookalike Looks Exactly Like Taytay Herself

Many doppelgangers circulating the internet are actually quite accurate, but this one is just something else.

Seriously, look at this side by side comparison:

Taylor Swift Lookalike

The girl, whose name is April Gloria, is a cosplayer who’s known for dressing up as different characters, and according to Mashable despite her striking resemblance, she actually has no clue that she looks like the famous pop star.

As if looking like an exact replica model of Taytay, she even has Swifty’s red-lipstick look down pat.

The resemblance is just too uncanny and very shocking.

I mean, how can a lookalike look more like someone else, which in this case, is Taylor Swift?

It seems only fair to conclude that we have just found the the best doppelganger in the world.