This Margot Robbie Stand-In Is Just As Sexy As The Real Thing

There’s no denying that even among Hollywood’s most beautiful and brightest, Margot Robbie and her sexiness stands out.

She’s just so sexy.

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Little did we know, though, that Robbie’s stand-in, Sarah Scotford, is just as hot as the real thing herself.

A native of Ontario, Canada, Sarah Scotford studied fashion and initially planned on becoming a plastic surgeon. However, she found herself in modelling, which eventually led her to Hollywood.

Now, she plays as Robbie’s stand in.

You can watch or rewatch some of Robbie’s movies such as “Against the Ropes”, “Show Me Yours” and “Good Dog”, or you could just scroll down below:

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While beauty like this shouldn’t really be playing second fiddle to anyone, doing so for Margot Robbie isn’t really half-bad.

For more of her photos, be sure to check out her Instagram.