This Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Summer Drink

If you don’t have a signature summer drink, guess what. You do now. It’s horchata! It looks like milk but it’s so, so much more.


It’s sweet and so refreshing, and you will love it. In America, the drink is rice-based. It’s made by soaking rice in cinnamon water overnight. Then the mix is blended and strained through a cheesecloth or a strainer and into a bigger container. Then you add in vanilla extract, condensed milk, milk and sugar and WHATEVER you want, and DRINK.


Cogiendo fuerzas con una #horchata antes de presentar en #Valencia

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There’s no wrong way to consume horchata. You can add in some of your favorite alcohol:


There's a first time for everything! #horchata cocktail topped with a grasshopper ???? #sogood #salazar

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Or freeze it and live your best life:



Or mix it in with some coffee:



You really just can’t go wrong.