This Crack Head On Fire Walked The Streets of Brooklyn Like It Was Nothing

One man who allegedly was high on crack was caught on video walking the streets of Brooklyn, New York City while his clothes were on fire as if it was nothing.

Warning: Footage is kind of disturbing.

The 30-second clip was recorded by Ziearre Flowers, 18, with his mother Aarondo, who explained that they’d just finished attending church service when they saw the burning man.

Despite Ziearre’s attempts to try to help the burning man, he simply continues to walk back and forth. Even more disturbing is how he isn’t even screaming in pain, nor does he even react to the extremely dangerous situation he is currently in.

Crack Head On Fire

Unfortunately, the victim had vanished soon as emergency services arrived at the scene.

During a follow-up investigation the day after the incident, fire marshals from the FDNY learned the man’s identity, as well as how he simply went home and fell asleep.

It was only after his family saw the horrific burns that he received medical treatment at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell.

Crack Head On Fire

Recalling the disturbing incident, the burning man told his family that he probably must have set himself on fire after putting a still-burning cigarette lighter in his pocket while he smoking crack.

The man is reportedly stable.