This Ariana Grande Lookalike Looks So Much Like The Famous Popstar

While most celebrity doppelgangers are worth only one look, this Ariana Grande lookalike will make you want to do a double take.

Jacky Melissa Vasquez has become Instagram-famous for being the spitting image of famous popstar singer Ariana Grande.

So much so that it has started to confuse even the most ardent of her fans.


A photo posted by Jacky Vasquez (@jackyvasquez) on

The lookalike now has 191k followers on Instagram, including Ariana herself, who actually commented on one of her photos saying that her cousin had mistaken Jacky for her.

Well, we can’t blame them. The resemblance is uncanny!


A photo posted by Jacky Vasquez (@jackyvasquez) on

I've kinda missed posting pics.. ????

A photo posted by Jacky Vasquez (@jackyvasquez) on

As is the case with the internet, Jacky has received quite a few negative and hateful comments from cyber-bullies. But, for the most part, people are just amazed at how the two resemble each other so closely.

Here’s a photo of half of her face with the other half that of Ariana.

Another half half with the one and only @arianagrande ????????

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Jacky is clearly proud of her resemblance to Ariana, and who wouldn’t be?