The Internet Goes Apesh*t After Harambe’s Grandmother Just Got Euthanized

Josephine, the grandmother of the internet’s most famous gorilla, Harambe, has just been announced dead by Zoo Miami.

“It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the loss of our matriarch gorilla, Josephine,” the zoo announced in a statement on social media.

The matriarch gorilla was said to have been euthanized after “several health issues” proceeded to slowly incapacitate her.

Harambe's Grandmother Just Got Euthanized

According to the zoo, Josephine was nearly 50 years old, which is rather old for a gorilla, and on top of that, had been suffering from a malady of health problems.

Of course, with Josephine being related to Harambe, the internet couldn’t help but respond with as much fake sympathy, dank memes and Harambe-related sarcasm as humanly as possible.

Josephine was born in the wild in March 1967 and arrived at Zoo Miami in March 1983.