Thank Heavens – Peach Butt Emoji Has Returned

So, earlier this month, Apple released iOS 10.2, which included lots of redesigned emojis. Tragically, this included a redesign of the peach (butt) emoji. NOT. COOL.


Here is the original peach butt emoji:


Image result for peach emoji ios


Very appropriately butt-like.


Here is what Apple tried to scam us all with along with the update:


Image result for peach emoji ios 10.2


THIS WASN’T EVEN A JOKE. I mean sure, it’s more peach-like, but we ALL know the peach emoji is for BUTTS.


Thank GOD, Apple learned the error of their ways, and with iOS 10.3, there came a positive change. Here is the latest peach emoji in all its buttly goodness:




That’s right, friends. It looks even more like a butt now. Go on with your life.


Image result for elated gif