Team MMA Looks Weird – Check It Out!

So, where do we begin here?

In a way, the words “Team MMA” does make sense. After all, in a real world fight, you’ll seldom find yourself in a one-on-one fight. Mostly, it’s you and your friends against somebody else and their group of friends. But, that’s the street, and as far as we know, street fights aren’t exactly pretty to watch.

When it comes to being an actual sport, well, Team MMA just feels .. weird.

Approved by the state of South Carolina, including a whole point system and rules when things inevitably devolve to a “2-on-1” affair, the sport is probably not something you’d expect from a professional sport.

But hey, who are we to judge?

Feel free to check out the video highlights so you can decide for yourself about just exactly what you think about the sport.