Taiwanese Man Dies While Having Sex With Girlfriend

Although police are still waiting for the full autopsy report of 22-year-old Huang, all evidence are currently pointing to a stroke or heart attack as the reason for the guy’s death while having sex with his girlfriend, who’s known only as Fu.

Taiwanese Man Dies While Having Sex

Fu, 20, said her boyfriend woke up at around 5 am on Monday wanting to have sex with her.

Although Huang had recently recovered from a minor cold, he’d always been relatively healthy, making his untimely death ever-more perplexing.

Taiwanese Man Dies While Having Sex

Huang reportedly began to sweat and had difficulty breathing halfway through the lover’s session, and right there and then, he lost consciousness and fell down on the bed with a loud thud.

Fu immediately rushed her boyfriend to the hospital, but his eyes had already rolled white, in addition to having no pulse and no breathing.

Police in Keelung believe that the death did not involve foul play in any manner.

Taiwanese Man Dies While Having Sex

While a certain Chinese forum is filled with similar stories, this one stands out because of the victim’s relatively young age.

Many netizens on the forum are also saying that the story is not one of a tragedy, but rather, a happy ending, with some even going as far as to say that they envy the young man.