Scientists Have Just Confirmed The Existence of Parallel Universes

While parallel universes have long been a thing of science fiction, a group of scientists have found evidence for it to actually be true.

Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia led a team that has just created a new theory, suggesting that multiple other universes exist in the same space and time as that of our own. Not only that, but their theory also suggests that the said universes interact on a quantum level.

Existence of Parallel Universes

Michael Hall serves as the lead author of the paper that introduced the theory of ‘Many Interacting Worlds’. This theory serves as a viable alternative to the more famous ‘Many Worlds’ approach that first gained track back in the 1950s.

Where the traditional ‘Many Worlds’ theory suggests that multiple universes are created as a result of possible outcomes of a possibly cataclysmic events, the ‘Many Interacting Worlds’ suggest otherwise. Instead, the new theory suggests that parallel universe overlap and take up the same space and time. This means that all the different universes exist until something or someone forces one state to overlap over the others, like per say, someone turning over the top card in a deck of cards.

Existence of Parallel Universes

The theory has been met with mixed responses from the physics community. Some have labelled it as a ‘huge waste of time’,while others think that it’s ‘a very nice analysis.’

The next thing to do about the theory is to try to test it and see if there’s a way to access these so-called parallel universes.