Rich Arab Guy Buys Individual Plane Seats For Falcons – All 80 Of Them

While most of us can’t even afford to fly economy right away, one rich guy was able to afford individual plane seats for his falcon, and mind you, he had 80 of them.

Here’s the bizarre photo:

Guy Buys Individual Plane Seats For Falcons

Redditor lensoo shared the photo above with the caption, “My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks.”

Although strange to most, seeing falcons on a plane is actually common practice in the Middle East. Also, as one redditor pointed out, this flight probably isn’t Qatar economy class because only six falcons are permitted in economy class at a time, as per their policy.

Another Redditor also shared a similar post, albeit from four years ago.

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While falconry is an ‘ancient tradition’ reserved for the ‘privileged few’ in countries such as Saudi Arabia, you still can’t help but wonder why exactly anyone would need as many falcons.

Anyone care to guess?