Rapper Squeezes Bullet Out Of Gunshot Wound Like It Was Nothing

Anyone who’s even the tiniest bit squeamish is free to go. This isn’t the article for you.

Although, if you’re a bit sick in the head and don’t mind stuff that would otherwise make other people squirm, then this one may just be up your alley.

Rapper Squeezes Bullet Out

The Twitter use under the handle @SmackDatBooty69 seems to have gotten himself into some deep sh*t lately, which, assuming from the bullet wound, went rather badly for him.

With a bullet lodged in his upper arm, you’d think that the guy would go to the hospital, but no, he had other things in mind.

Instead of going to the ER immediately, the guy takes a video of himself slowly squeezing the bullet out of his arm, somewhat suggesting that this isn’t his first time doing so.

While @SmackDatBooty69 was rather calm about his predicament, the camera man didn’t exactly share his nerves of steel.

But, who does, really?