Professional eSports Player Banned For One Thousand Years

A CS:GO player has just received a ban of 1,000 years from the third-party tournament service, ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association) after allegedly harassing a minor.

eSports Player Banned For One Thousand Years

Reece “bloominator” Bloom now finds ESEA account blocked until June 6, 3016 after chat logs and photos between him and an alleged 15-year-old girl surfaced online.

The said chat logs – which will probably taken offline sometime soon – show Bloom saying ‘there’s just something about being able to influence young minds’, and ‘I just don’t care that I’m a paedophile’, among many others.

Most recently a member of Armor eSports, before playing with ESEA Invite Team Exertus, Bloom now holds the unfortunate distinction of being the highest profile player in North America – and possible, the entire world – to be banned and shunned from an eSports community for his behavior.

eSports Player Banned For One Thousand Years

Feel free to take a look at some of Bloom’s conversations HERE, but we’re warning you, they make for rather uncomfortable reading.

In any case, here’s to hoping that Bloom will learn his lesson by 3016.

That is, if he’s still alive by then.