Pint-Sized Filipino Taylor Swift Lookalike Goes Viral For Her Adorably On Point Performance

7-year-old Xia Vigor just went viral for her breakout performance as a miniature-sized Taylor Swift lookalike for a Filipino TV talent show, “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids”.

Filipino Taylor Swift Lookalike

Arriving on the stage wearing a bandleader outfit, the 7-year-old captivated the audience and impressed the judges with her sassy rendition of the pop star’s 2008 hit “You Belong With Me,” which was capped off with a costume change into a sparkly mini-dress and a post-performance interview with the host.

Although only seven, this isn’t exactly Vigor’s first take donning a famous pop star’s costume, as just recently in 2015, she competed on a “Mini Me 2” segment in the Philippines as Taylor Swift BFF, Selena Gomez, and took home the top prize.

The only question now is, what’s next for the incredibly talented 7-year-old?