New Pixar Easter Eggs Video Confirms How Every Pixar Film Is Connected

From a Nemo plushie showing up in Monster’s Inc to a carving of Sully in Brave, Pixar had long been leaving behind hidden gems in their films for audiences to see for the past two decades or so.

And well, there’s a reason for that.

Having recently uploaded a video on the official Toy Story Facebook page, Disney has just confirmed every one of their fan’s theory – that the Pixar universe is somehow connected.

Uploaded on Facebook, the video features short clips from every Pixar movie released to date, showing fans exactly where they can find the Easter eggs.

Of course, the film doesn’t show every Easter egg in every Pixar film, but it does give a pretty good idea just how connected the Pixar universe is.

New Pixar Easter Eggs VideoSimply amazing.