Miss Universe 2016 Finally Gets Revenge On Steve Harvey A Year After Embarrassing Incident

Last year, Steve Harvey caused quite a bit of controversy after he incorrectly announced Miss Colombia as the winner, only to later retract his statement and pronounce Philippines’ Wurtzbach as the Miss Universe 2016.

So, on the miss Universe stage in the Philippines, just as Steve Harvey – who still is the host – was about to announce this year’s winner, Wurtzbach grabbed the chance to finally get her revenge.

Miss Universe 2016 Finally Gets Revenge

Gliding gleefully on stage, the former Miss Universe handed over a thick pair of reading glasses to Harvey.

Harvey was quick to thank Pia, although he did add that it was “A year late.”

They surely helped, though, as he read the right name this time around and was quick to point the fact, saying, “I’m Steve Harvey and I got it right!”

By the way, if for some reason you happened to miss out on what could very well be considered as the worst fuck-up in Miss Universe history – and probably, one of the worst in live television – here it is:

Wurtzbach, who was on the receiving end of many negative criticisms following her announcement last year, said on Monday: “Steve, I never got to hank you, but thank you for making me the most popular Miss Universe.”

Too smooth Pia, too smooth.