Mike Tyson Releases Soulja Boy Diss Track Titled ‘If You Show Up’

One of the most bizarre semi-related to sports feuds of all time just got a lot weirder after Mike Tyson jumped in and even released the dith diss song “If You Show Up,” which was directed at rapper Soulja Boy.

ICYMI, Tyson is training artist Chris Brown for an upcoming boxing match (Yes, it’s actually happening) with Soulja Boy. Meanwhile, Soulja Boy is set to receive “instruction” from retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While the video prominently features women rapping in his place, Mike Tyson is quick to remind people who he is.

In summary, it’s a dith diss track released by a former boxer with a troubling past about teaching a singer with a troubling past how to box.

Well this should be fun.