Latest Viral Video Sees Hot Girls Giving Each Other Wedgies

The self-titled Australian ‘girl squad’ of pranksters known as the Eighty83Three just posted a video both their Facebook and Snapchat accounts that instantly went viral.

The said video shows the young Australians pulling down each other’s pants in public, in an effort to humiliate each other.

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The group of comedians / lifestyle models have long waged a prank war on each other, with their most viral video being the ‘pussy slap’.

Their content has proven to be so popular that both Jade and Bella now have their own team hashtags that comes along with their pranks.

While their latest viral video has proven to be a hit, it hasn’t exactly gone without ‘repercussions’.


Uploaded along with the classic ‘tag a mate’ caption, the video has since been viewed over 5 million times.

It’s also been criticized, as some commentators have suggested that this sort of ‘humiliating game’ could proof detrimental and might encourage others to engage in like behavior.

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Personally, getting a wedgie isn’t anything new, and should hot women start making a habit out of taking videos doing it, I certainly would not mind.