Justin Bieber Got Slammed Against Glass During A Recent Ice Hockey Match

Biebs, as many like to call him, was taking part in a Celebrity Shootout at this year’s NHL All-Star event when he found himself in a situation that had been a long time coming for him, as many of his haters and critics would say.

While the smug canadian popster was pictured with smiles all over for most of the games, he’d suddenly find himself in an unfavorable situation when Chris Pronger, a 6 foot 6 inches player, effortlessly scooped him up and slammed him against the wall of the ice-rink.

Here’s a photo of it below:

Unfortunately, Bieber seems to have taken the whole thing as a man, even going as far as to claim it as one of the ‘highlights’ of his life.

Well, at least we got a close-up of his face being squashed into a wall.