Jerry From “Parks and Recreation” Isn’t So Terrible

Chris Pratt, Retta, and Aubrey Plaza reunited to record the most recent episode of Anna Faris’s podcast Unqualified.




Parks and Recreation was a major topic of conversation, and Retta mentioned how an extra on a Halloween episode really got on her nerves. “A lot of extras think they’re funny,” Retta said. And Chris agreed. He added, “The background performers are a vital, key ingredient to making a TV show…but every once in a while there’s some extras who are particularly fucking annoying.”


But there was a cast member who wasn’t bothered by extras, Jim O’Heir. Also known as Jerry, Larry, Terry, Gary etc.




“There isn’t an extra that Jim hasn’t attended their wedding,” Retta laughed. And Chris chimed in, saying Jim is “the nicest man on the planet.” Even Aubrey admitted he was a total sweetheart, in a serious, non-facetious way.