Jealous Husband Stabs Wife For Talking To Another Guy While On A Night Out

Jealousy can make you do some crazy things, like how it made this husband murder his wife for simply talking to another man while the two of them were on a night out.

Jealous Husband Stabs Wife

Victoria Brance, 37 and wife of Robert Bance, 53, had reportedly walked out of a club on October 8 after an argument with her husband and was heard saying in the back of a taxi, ‘he’s going to kill me.’

The two would continue the quarrel after Victoria returned home, which led to Robert stabbing his wife 16 times in the chest with a 17cm military style knife.

He then immediately called police and told them, “Hello, I just killed my wife.”

Jealous Husband Stabs Wife

Victoria’s son Liam, 19, told the court: ‘Rob was always pretty much jealous whenever she spoke to anyone who was not us.’ before adding, ‘It was as if he wanted her for himself.’

Bance then pleaded guilty to murder and was given life imprisonment, with a minimum traffic of 15 years.