Is Biggie Smalls Alive? This Selfie Is Causing People To Think So

In February, twenty years ago, the world lost the iconic rapper Biggie Smalls, aka Christopher Wallace, in a brutal shooting.

A selfie taken at a stag, however, appears too show Biggie Smalls being alive and well, chilling with a group of random blokes.

#10 sleeps….

A photo posted by Nass Kitojo (@nasskitojo) on

Nass Kitojo, who is a relatively anonymous guy, is the user claiming to have spotted The Notorious B.I.G chilling in the background during a drunken night out.

Of course, as with most dead celebrity sightings, his photo proof comes in the form of a blurry selfie.

Check it out:

The picture was taken almost a year ago, but has since gone viral thanks to the Daily Star.

In any case, what’s your take on this? Is Biggie still alive and well, like how many conspiracy theories seem to believe Tupac is too?

Maybe, just maybe, the east coast – west coast feud has yet to be put to rest.