Hollywood Actor Invites Elderly Neighbor To Live With Him

Chris Salvatore, a 31-year-old Hollywood actor,, is inspiring the internet with his decision to invite his 89-year-old neighbor to spend her final days with him.

I hope this little update will bring some sunshine to your rainy day here in La. We are reaching the 2 month mark since my neighbor Norma has come home from the hospital and I am so happy to share that she is continuing to prove the doctors and nurses wrong by continuing to THRIVE! To prolong the remaining funds to prevent her from having to be moved into a county facility, Norma and I have decided to move her into my apartment across the hall where she now has her own beautiful room and bathroom! She loves it! I do most of my work at home so I am here most of the time to care for her so it only made sense to the both of us. She is my adopted grandmother and I am her grandson she never had. 🙂 We will still have caregivers coming in to care for her as well as her weekly hospice visits from the nurses and doctors. I just wanted to let you all know Norma loves reading your comments and I seriously think all the support and love is keeping her healthy. Now who wants to come to dinner? ????#myneighbornorma… I mean #myroomatenorma ????

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Chris Salvatore reportedly first met Norma Cook when he first moved across the hall from her apartment years ago, and the two have shared a tight knit friendship since then.

Unfortunately, Cook, who suffers from leukemia, has seen her health decline rapidly over the past year, and as she has no family in the state and needed round-the-clock care, Salvatore stepped in and invited her to move into his apartment so she wouldn’t have to live her last days in a country nursing home.

Happy New Year from Norma and me. She rang in 2017 in style last night! ???????? #myneighbornorma

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Salvatore says his neighbor would often wave to him from her kitchen window, and from there, he decided to introduce himself to her.

Cook now calls Salvatore, “the grandson [she] never had,” with Salvatore adding, “The day I entered her apartment and spoke with her face-to-face was the day my life was changed forever.”

Salvatore set up a Go Fund Me campaign to cover the costs for Norma’s home care and was able to raise more than $30,000 in the first 23 hours alone. He then surprised her at the hospital on Thanksgiving with the cheque.

When Salvatore is busy spending his days as an actor, caregivers are there to make sure Norma is well taken care of. Meanwhile, the rest of the funds go towards her medical bills.

“I’m giving her a gift of passing on and being at peace and having a good time in her last few months,” Salvatore told People.