Heinz Advert Banned For Being Too Dangerous For Viewers

Heinz, as a brand, is a kitchen staple and far from soemthing that people should be afraid of. But, as it seems, Heinz Beans’ most recent advert has just been deemed too dangerous and had to be banned as a result.

The ad in question features people playing ‘the can song’ in various, everyday scenarios.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA, the ad could lead to a person cutting themselves. Heinz, however, has since denied that their advert promotes dangerous activity.

Nine people have allegedly complained about the advert, claiming that it encourages ‘unsafe practice’ and that could it be ‘dangerous’ for children. The ASA then took a look at the issue and acknowledged that ‘mistakes could be made’, which could result in serious harm.

Heinz Advert Banned

The ASA came down hard on Heinz and banned the advert from broadcast again. Or at least, in its current form.

Heinz did try to put up a fight, but to no avail. While their video tutorial shows tape around the cans just in case, they’ve given up in regards to broadcasting the avert.

Heinz Advert Banned

So apparently, parents can’t be left to manage the safety of their children, so companies have to pay the price for it.

RIP 2016.