Genetic Researchers Reveal How Ozzy Osbourne Is Still Alive Despite Years of Sex, Drugs and Booze

Ozzy Osbourne is a f*cking legend. There’s no denying that. The on-off lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, leader of the Blizzard of Oz, author and one of reality TV’s first stars has lived a life that most of us could only dream of. We’re talking about constant bouts with drug and alcohol, to the point that he was snorting cocaine for breakfast and drinking as many as four bottles of Hennessy a day.

Ozzy once spent eight days in a coma and almost died after crashing his ATV back in 2003. This left him with a fractured vertebrae, eight fractured ribs, a partially collapsed lung and a badly fractured left collarbone. Even more shocking is how he walked unscratched after a plane crashed into his tour bus, setting it flame, back in 1982. Of course, there’s also the incident of him biting the head off a live bat onstage that same year.

Again, he’s a f*cking legend.

Researchers Reavel How Ozzy Osbourne Is Still Alive

As it turns out, though, he was somewhat born to be a legend. Literally, it’s in his genes.

Back in 2010, Ozzy had the privilege of being one of the few in the world to have their genetic code broken down and analyzed. The results had the researchers conclude that Osbourne was a “medical miracle”. They also found out why exactly Ozzy is, well, Ozzy.

As it turns out, he’s 6.13 more likely to have alcohol dependency or alcohol cravings than the average person. He’s also 1.31 times more likely to be addicted to cocaine and 2.6 times more likely to hallucinate via cannabis use.

Researchers Reavel How Ozzy Osbourne Is Still Alive
While it isn’t exactly surprising that Ozzy is more likely to party than most of us, what’s shocking is what the research was further able to find out. As it turns out, Ozzy’s ADH4 gene, which is responsible for breaking down alcohol, breaks down booze much faster than the average person. This explains his alcohol addiction.

Additionally, Ozzy was found out to have two versions of the COMT gene, or Catechol-O-methyltransferase. Known also as the “warrior” and “worrier”, the enzyme deteriorates dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

So, what does that mean? Well, this means that aside from his weakness to booze and drugs, his functions such as self-awareness, awareness, planning, organization and even self regulation are much higher than that of the average person.

Researchers Reavel How Ozzy Osbourne Is Still Alive

Well, that explains how Ozzy made it to 67-years old, despite having consumed enough alcohol and cocaine for a number of lifetimes.