Genetic Engineering Helps Cure Leukemia In Two Kids

Ground-breaking new treatment involving the use of genetic engineering have reportedly helped cure two children of previously incurable forms of leukemia.

Genetic Engineering Helps Cure Leukemia

Writing in the journal Science Translational Medicine, a team of European researchers reported that two young girls have remained cancer-free after undergoing the radically new treatment.

The new treatment involved genetically engineering the babies’ white blood cells, giving their bodies the ability to effectively target cancerous cells.

Furthermore, the team’s paper notes that ‘molecular remissions’ were achieved within 28 days in both infants.

In as short as a month, the girls showed no signs of the acute lymphocytic leukemia that once threatened to cut their life short.

Genetic Engineering Helps Cure Leukemia

The case is particularly worth mentioning because not only was the treatment successful, but also that the “killer” cells were taken from relatively healthy donors and then engineered to attack the cancer cells in the two kids.

The people behind the treatment was a French Biotech firm known as Cellectis and was carried out at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Genetic Engineering Helps Cure LeukemiaWith news like this, 2017 is certainly off to a good start!