David and Victoria Beckham’s Taxes Will Shock You

It’s no secret that the Beckham’s are loaded, but just how loaded is something most people don’t really know. But, if the taxes they paid in 2015 is any indication, then it means they’re much richer than most of us would expect.

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The couple paid an amount of an estimated £22,000 every day in taxes. That’s a whole lot of money.

In fact, the couple even set up a company called Beckham Brand Holdings to deal with their numerous business ventures and other streams of income.

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In 2015 alone, the company made £47.2 million in a year, with posh’s fashion-line making up the majority at £36.9 million and David’s image rights valued at £10.2 million alone.

In comparison, the world-famous duo “only” made £10 million in 2014, and the huge jump in earnings is believed to be due to how Victoria’s fashion business have become so successful recently.

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With a huge fashion announcement with US clothing label Target in the works, as well as an ongoing collaboration with make-up giant Estee Lauder, the couple’s cleverly marketed brand is only going to get bigger.

Expect that £22,000 a day in taxes to experience yet another huge jump.