Cristiano Ronaldo Salves Shelter Dogs In Portugal

Known for being one of the most charitable athletes in the world, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has proven once again how big his heart really is.

Cristiano Ronaldo Saves Shelter Dogs

The Independent reports that the 32-year-old soccer – or football, depending on where you live – superstar helped out an animal shelter struggling to provide care for its wards.

The shelter in portugal reportedly reached out to a family friend of Ronaldo’s, asking for help to cover a $2,136.00 vet bill.

After hearing about the issue, Ronaldo immediately sent an autographed jersey to the shelter, which will be auctioned off to help pay the money needed for the shelter’s bills.

Cristiano Ronaldo Saves Shelter Dogs

In total, this simple act of kindness will help the shelter provide care for as many as 80 dogs.