Creepy Lawyer Hypnotizing Clients For Sex Caught In This Secret Footage

Video released just this Tuesday shows a former reputed divorce lawyer using hypnosis on a female client and whispering graphic explicit statements as she was semiconscious, presumably for his own sick sexual gratification.

Michael Fine was found to have committed criminal abuse of authority by preying on the vulnerability of his female clients’ emotional states, operating from his offices in Sheffield, Ohio.

Lawyer Hypnotizing Clients For Sex

The minute-long clip captured in a sting set up by the Sheffield Village Police Department shows the former divorce lawyer putting a woman intro a trance and whispering lewd statements into her ear.

You can hear in the video Fine telling his victim: “Every time I say the word pleasure, you cannot constrain or hold yourself back. Your entire body is a vessel of pleasure. Every time I touch you, it’s gonna be an incredible sensation.”

Fine has been sentenced to incarceration for twelve years for his crimes after he admitted hypnotizing to as many as six different women and using them for his own convoluted pleasure during the meetings.

He has also been ordered to register on the sex offenders list for 25 years for his act.

Fine, a married father of two, was reportedly ‘full of remorse and regret’ for what could only be described as a sick and demented crime against his vulnerable clients.