Boyfriend Steals Her Pizza And She Freaks Out, Rightfully So

Food is serious. So when someone says they don’t want a slice of your pizza, and then they STEAL ONE. WITHOUT ASKING.,  it’s no joke. No. Joke.


And this girl took it seriously. Rightfully so.



This tweet has been shared over 40,000 times because there is no one on this earth who cannot relate to this terrible experience.


The woman, De’Ja Davis, said this is hardly the first time her boyfriend, Dee Breezy, has done something like this. Honestly so rude. “We went to Pizza Boli’s and I asked him a million times, ‘Do you want anything? Chicken, pizza, anything?’ because he always picks on my food — always,” she said. “This was not the first time. And I’d had enough of it.”


Wow. Just wow.


She sent him the following text to express her anger and frustration with the situation:




Get it together, Dee.