Actress Dies After Using Alternative Medicine To Treat Cancer

In July just this year, 26-year-old Chinese actress Xu Ting revealed that she’d been diagnosed with lymphoma.

She then shared her medical results using her official Weibo account. There, she also included a lengthy post about her deciding not to undergo chemotherapy.


She says that she wants to forgo continual treatment in favor of traditional Chinese medical treatment. This, even after saying that she’s not sure if traditional Chinese medicine will cure her. However, she did add that she believed that chemotherapy would be painful and may even kill her sooner.

In the next few days, XU shared photos of herself undergoing alternative treatment on Weibo. This included cupping, acupuncture, and gua shua, which is a type of treatment where the skin is scraped and results to light bruising.


Throughout July, the actress would continue posting regular updates on her Weibo about her going out with her friends and family.




Xu’s health, however, would only grow worse, and on August 18, she was briefly hospitalized.

A few weeks later, on September 7, her family would post news and details of her death to her Weibo account.

Alternative-Cancer-Medicine-Kills-Actress-6While not a sure thing, conventional medicine could’ve helped the Chinese actress.

Who knows, she might just still be alive today if it weren’t for her choice to forgo chemotherapy.

Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes go to Xu Ting’s family and friends.